I ought to write some of this stuff down.

A lot of people have told me to write down some of the stuff I think and do. For my own sake. Since my Boogie Board Sync project fell through (don't put magnets on your wacom tablet) I've found myself here.

It all begins with a simple strip of colorful LED lights. This leads to biofeedback loops, brain entrainment, and an intense preoccupation with the electromagnetic spectrum. At one point I actually posted all my usernames and passwords publicly on GitHub (see: www.github.com/evanstapler) with the intention of letting all my information be data-mined. I figured someone had to do it for the sake of having their personality digitized and modulated; for use with virtual reality headsets, of course. It seemed like a good idea until I realized I'd accrued potentially thousands of online identities over the course of a decade. I did Google a favor and deleted thisisarandomemail@gmail.com, it seemed rude to get a bunch of strangers involved.

As it stands I have a bunch of dreams and ideas I'm working on, not to mention I've got a four-and-a-half letter domain name that Google sold me for $12/year (Ævan.com and ævan.com falling under the umbrella of xn--van-xla.com); that was nice of you, Google.org.

Soon my "pirate" radio station will be more functional than impulsive in nature. Some key things I'd topics to hit on in upcoming posts:

- WPAFB and 711th human performance wing project ()especially terahertz radiation)
- Thunderstorm project in 1961 was a cool find
- Many use-cases for Soundbrenner Pulse smart metronome (I'm a diagnosed schizophrenia - self-proclaimed OCD-ADHD synaesthete - get@me)
- "Modular music" and my vision for the future of electronic music and augmentation (algorhythmradio.com perhaps?)
- Using LEDs, biofeedback machines, music, and maybe a tenz unit to take a new approach to mind-mapping and mind-machines

Cheers to the beginning of something new and exciting. Hello, AMPs

Welcome to the mobile web.


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