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Delayed Auditory Feedback Loops

Rough ideas and weak concepts ahead: Using "extra microphone" app with hardwired, auxiliary speakers on android phone(s). Strategically placing these feedback loops in a room or open space can "enhance" the acoustics and an individual's specific hearing ability. "delayed auditory feedback" apps that produce a delayed output/feedback loop have been used  to help with speech and verbal impairments, such as a stutter. Perhaps even autism? Look into... combine with BLE beacons? Interaction with FM app on phones? Is a "hardware" / "hardwired" feedback loop feasible/in existence? Instead of an analog input converted into a digital output, back into analog-->digital, could a signal be produced with DSP capabilities to modulate/augment sound? "Digital feedback loop" Added benefit of ensuring no eavesdropping/illicit use of microphone or recording capabilities. It's worth mentioning the "enhanced" reverb effect t