So Fresh So Clean

I’m happy to announce I am 90 days clean of methamphetamine. Stan Schulte has been an amazing support as I rebuild my life and gradually reintegrate into the normal world again. I’ve missed my friends and family so much, and I am trying to reconnect with everyone as I am able. I struggle to reach out to those who are important to me.

Robert Troutman introduced me to methamphetamine. He got me addicted. He psychologically and sexually abused me, and he continues to harass friends, family, and employers. When I left Robert Troutman I dropped methamphetamine, cold turkey. When he started getting high with his great nephew daily, I couldn't take it anymore. I was incredulous with how ridiculous the situation had gotten.

His latest ploy is to manipulate the law for his own satisfaction, and he has gotten a protection order against me. This is after three months of steady harassment, (literal) stalking, trespassing, and threats. If you have received any messages from Robert Troutman pertaining to me, please ignore them. His mind, addled from over a decade of drug use, fractured beyond recognition when I finally got away from him.

With the recent #MeToo movement, I feel compelled to expose my abuser, despite his persistence and distorted use of the law. Many people reached out to me when I first met Bob, and they anonymously warned me of what was about to come. I can only appreciate their efforts in retrospect, and I hope my story can stop his patterns of abuse. In particular, Uma Thurman’s accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse and her subsequent empowerment is very inspiring to me.

That’s all <3


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