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Creativity in Dementia Patient

The patient, a left-handed city employee, was initially admitted to the hospital at age 65 for progressive weakness from myasthenia gravis, during which time he composed 63 poems in 12 days during his stay. Neuropsychological testing, ordered to detect an underlying neurologic cause for the patient’s compulsive behavior, revealed mild impairments in executive function; an MRI showed frontal cortical atrophy affecting the right more than the left. He revealed that he was also a disillusioned painter because people did not like his latest work, which had shifted from peaceful landscapes or still lifes to erotic fantasy themes with mythical or religious undertones (Figure 3). Over the next five years, he demonstrated an increase in socially abnormal behaviors, impulsiveness, disinhibition, and hoarding. Despite his behavioral and cognitive deterioration, the patient’s creativity blossomed, and his artistic style evolved to mix painting and sculpture. At age 69 years old, he reached his ar

Targeted Advertising as a Gateway to Psychosis

 I feel the effect advertising has on mental illness is grossly understated. I am prone to overspending and impulse buying during manic episodes, and it feels like my attention span has been commodified. Ads are so pervasive on the internet that I get duped into spending money without realizing it. I accidentally spent $107 on a Google Cloud platform by signing up for a free trial. Another $60 went to Facebook advertising platforms during a delusion of grandeur. Do you think the tech and media companies should be held responsible for this? I'm struggling to articulate my whole thought, but it feels like my susceptibility to advertising is being exploited. It's not the advertisers, but the ad serving companies acting in a predatory manner. In response to Lucas Neumann: "I appreciate that you wrote this article. I was recently diagnosed schizoaffective, and I am extremely susceptible to predatory advertising techniques. Often, I fall victim to these ads because I get the cau

Banned From Advertising on Facebook Update: Unbanned

 I recently started learning about Facebook ads, and what I found was a shocking level of detail in targeted advertising. Anyone can create a page and run ads for fun, which is how I discovered the simplicity of targeting anyone I want. Regardless of your political beliefs, it's particularly galling that I am able to target conservatives, but not liberals. Here's a few screenshots: Ironically enough, my Facebook account has been disabled from any further advertising, yet they keep previewing new business management and ad creation tools to me: Perhaps it was the content of my page, https://fb.meFansOnlyPosts

Can you feel me?

 Dear God! I thank you. Dear Jesus! You blessed me. Holy spirit? Feel me.


 I speak in neon, Taste the feeling I see on. Hear this level? You're a peon. Feel me if you have reason. Hear me out.


 I can talk to my tech, What's going on? What the heck? Did I catch a virus? Which computer did I infect?


 I only lived once, until I died. Then we lived twice, at least we tried.


 I ate the rich, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. For breakfast I’ll eat the patriarchy, for brunch I’ll snack on capitalism. If I could choose just one idealism, it's that you start from the toes and work your way up. And when they start crying, you fill your biggest cup.

Sobering Realities

What do you do when your mind fills the negative space on the page? When written text blurs the lines between unreal and truth? Font: Bold
 Dawn of a new day.