My Problem with The Secret

The Secret takes the responsibility away from the individual. This may be the whole idea, but this perception of manifestation completely ignores inherent privilege that went completely unchecked during my watching of The Secret. It didn't account for many societal factors that contribute to whole races and classes of people being oppressed, regardless of their ability to manifest or construct a more "positive" reality.

Additionally, The Secret expects blind adherence. I am risk-averse myself, and I do not commit to any plan A without first setting up a plan B and C. The Secret expects full commitment to the belief that if you want it, it will come to you. Again, this limited viewpoints removes personal responsibility and discredits the hard work it takes to change society.

Manifestation is the result of hard work. The results of manifestation are earned through the efforts of trying, failing, and trying again. It's a different kind of commitment than the absolute faith you put into the conceptual notion of a "universal secret". Getting more of what you want takes time, patience, and adherence to your own goals. Many of the methods taught in The Secret are excellent tools, but they are not a long-forgotten truth.


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